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Charles E. Burchfield (1893–1967)
by the sea
elle_belle10 wrote in all_drawings

watercolor/gouache/pencil on paper

Sunburst in December,1915


Ghost Plants,1916

Sunflower Arch, No. 2 ,1917

Bright Sun ,1916

Rain Drops (aka Bedford Glens - Blue Vista)1916

Thunderhead in Rain,1916

Sun Breaking Through the Clouds,1916


Sunlight in Forest,1916

Dancing Sunlight,1916

Startled Sparrow,1916

Flight of Blackbirds at Dawn,1916

June Clouds,1916

August Moon,1916


Poplars in May,1916

Sunlight and Shadow in Prospect Park,1916



Sunday Morning at Eleven O'Clock,1917

Childhood's Garden,1917

The Sulphur Stream,1917

Sun Setting in a Bank of Smoke,1917

Spring Patterns,1917

Gouache, watercolor and colored crayons on paper

Watertower and Queen Ann's Lace,1917

The East Wind,1918

Along the Inter-Urban Car Line,1918

Entrance to Stables, Camp Jackson, South Carolina,1918

The Haymow, Salem,1920

Freight Car Dwellings,1920

Winter Afternoon,1920

Crane,1915-16. Poster paint on paper

Circus Poster,1917,watercolor and gouache on paper


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Спасибо большое.

Очень нравится.
А где он жил? И к какому направлению его относят - символизм, экспрессионизм?..

Charles Ephraim Burchfield (April 9, 1893 - January 10, 1967) is an American visionary artist. A watercolor painter from Ohio, Burchfield is known for his visual commentaries on the effects of Industrialism on small town America as well as for his paintings of nature


Charles Burchfield's Story


готовлю след.пост

Огромное спасибо :) Прекрасные работы! Это огромная радость - познакомиться с ними )))

Всегда пожалуйста!:)

потрясающая образность! спасибо, что познакомили с таким художником.

всегда на радость!:)

море удовольствия))))

Очень рада:)

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