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Charles E. Burchfield (1893–1967)

Избранные работы:1917-1962

Orion in December,1959
watercolor and pencil on paper

Orion in winter ,1962

Sultry Moon,1959

Sultry Day,1959; Sultry Afternoon,1944

Dandelion Seed Heads and the Moon,1961-65

Watercolor, gouache, charcoal, and graffito on lightly textured white wove paper faced on 1/4" thick laminated gray cardboard

Dream of a Fantsy Flower,1960-66

November Sun Emerging,1956

Cicada Woods ,1950-62

Summer Haze,1954

Moon and Thunderhead ,1960

North Wind in March,1960-66

Early Spring

An April Mood, 1946-55

The promise of spring,1956

Glory of Spring (Radiant Spring), 1950, watercolor on paper

Dawn of Spring, ca. 1960

Early Spring Sunlight,1950

Winter Sun and Backyards,1947

Autumn Branches ; House Corner

Still-Life in Winter,1951
watercolor and pencil on paper mounted on paperboard

Night of the Equinox,1917-1955
watercolor, brush and ink, gouache, and charcoal on paper mounted on paperboard

July Sun,1949-60

Sun and Rocks, 1918–50. Watercolor and gouache on paper

Lightning and Thunder at Night,1920
watercolor and charcoal on paper

October,1922-1924. Oil and gouache on paper glued to board

The Coming of Spring, 1917-43

Two Ravines, 1934-43 (The Dark Ravine)

Icebound Lake Boat,1924
watercolor, gouache and pencil on paper mounted on paperboard

Cicada, 1944

Insect Chorus ,1917


Sunflowers (design for M. H. Birge & Sons Company wallpaper), 1921.
Watercolor and graphite on paper mounted on board
27 1/2 x 20 in. Burchfield Penney Art Center

Charles Burchfield Works Online  

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