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Richard Thorn (1952- ) (Ричард Торн)

Избранное,часть 1

© Richard Thorn (b.1952.Devon)

Days Of Winter

December Gold

A Walk In The Snow

Winter Walk To Wildecombe


It Was Spring Again

The Spring Wood

Gently Down the Stream

Make A Wish

April garden

April day

Ode to May

Blue Wood

Meadow Piece

To Meadows and Streams

A Corner of a Field

A Day on the Moor

The Orange Grove

A Walk In The June Sun

On the Dart

Drifting Clouds

A Surrey Lane, September

Old Sunflowers in the Morning Sun

Into the Deep Wood

Prelude- The Afternoon of a Faun

November Fire


Richard was born in Devon in 1952. He studied at the Newton Abbot School of Art. His love of watercolours was a natural progression, having spent most of his early years drawing and sketching.

Mainly self taught, (as far as watercolours are concerned), Richard's early influences emerged from studying the paintings of the American masters, such as Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Philip Jameson. The Artist's style owes much to these contemporary exponents of the watercolour medium.

Richard has had many exhibitions and one man shows. His strong distinctive style and his penchant for light has made his work sought after by Galleries and Collectors throughout the country. In 1998 Richard exhibited his "Images of Portugal" at the Anglo-Portuguese Society in Belgrave Square, London. He is currently preparing a book for publication of his drawings and sketches.
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