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John Ruskin (1819–1900)

Decorated cusped gothic window, 1853

Design for a Window, Oxford Museum, pencil, watercolour and bodycolour, 1858

The Pulpit in the Church of S. Ambrogio

Study of the North Gable of the Tomb of Can Mastino II, Verona, 1852

Capital 36 of the Ducal Palace, Venice, 1849-1852

Basket and Lily Capital, St Mark's Basilica, Venice, 1849-1852

Sarcophagus and canopy of the tomb of Can Mastino II, Verona, 1852

Entrance to the South Transept of Rouen Cathedral 1854

Caen, St Sauveur, 1848

The Casa d'Oro, Venice, 1845

The South Side of St Mark's from the Loggia of the Ducal Palace, Venice, ~ 1851

The Ducal Palace, Renaissance Capitals of the Loggia, Venice, 1849-1850

Interior of Lucca Cathedral, 1879

North West Porch St Mark's, Venice, 1877

Doorhead from Ca’ Contarini, Porta di Ferro, 1851

Fondaco de' Turchi, Venice

Archivolt in St. Mark's

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