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Поль Синьяк (Paul Signac) 1863-1935
by the sea
elle_belle10 wrote in all_drawings
© The Trustees of the British Museum

Prints made by Paul Signac
Published by Gustave Pellet

La Balise (The beacon),1894
Colour etching with some surface tone, printed in blue-green ink

En Hollande - La Balise (In Holland - the beacon)
Colour lithograph on china paper, on wove,1894

À Flessingue
Pointilist view of harbour, 1895
Colour lithograph

Les Bateaux à Flessingue
Colour lithograph,1895

Pan (IV no.1) Le Soir La Jetée de Flessingue,ca.1898
Colour lithograph printed in two shades of blue, yellow, green and pink on chine volant

View of the port of Veere, Netherlands,ca.1896
Colour drypoint and etching, printed in olive green ink

Le Clocher de Saint-Tropez, c.1896
Colour etching and aquatint with some surface tone, printed in orange-brown ink on Japan paper

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Отличные работы.

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