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Густав Бауманн ( 1881-1971) (Gustave Baumann )
by the sea
elle_belle10 wrote in all_drawings

Избранное,часть 1
Part 1-Color woodblock prints

Green Gate Orchard


The Bishop's Apricot

Cottonwoods in Tassel

Cherry Bloom 1917

Spring - New Mexico

Tao's Patio

Old Santa Fe

Palo Verde and Ocotea- Progressive Proof - Black, Purple, Green, Rose and Yellow

Palo Verde and Ocotea- Progressive Proof - Black and Purple

Ridge Road

Summer Breezes

Tom ahunting

Summer Shadows

In the Hills O'Brown

Autumnal Glory

Point Lobos

Rio Pecos

Summer Shadows


Gustave Baumann (1881, Magdeburg, Germany - 1971, Santa Fe, New Mexico) was a printmaker and painter, and one of the leading figures of the color woodcut revival in America. His works have been shown at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and the New Mexico Museum of Art.He is also recognized for his role in the 1930s as area coordinator of the Public Works of Art Project of the Works Progress Administration.

Museum Collections Featuring Works by Gustave Baumann

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выбрать лучшую не смогла

великолепные работы,Оля!
с трудом сделала избранное для поста (так хотелось все из собранного показать-выложить)

крутейшая графика с живописным впечатлением,
все крутые, да..

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