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Joseph Beuys (1921 - 1986)
64b wrote in all_drawings

Bathroom of Circe 1954-8

Demonstration Hand 1961

Druidisches MeBgerät (?)

Physico-Chem-Zeit-Konstellation 1962

Night in the Rafters 1974


siberian symphony

Drei am Feuer

Pregnant Woman with Swan 1959

Felt Sculptures 1964

Two Red Fish 1954

Stag with Human Head

Stag´s Head

Queen Bee

Female Discus Throuver

4 girls

Female Artiste


Ohne Titel (Grabbeigaben)

Ohne Titel (Kessel)

The Table 1952

Pyramidal image 1979


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это бы было совсем прекрасно)

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